Jennifer Post is the principal and visionary of her firm – Jennifer Post, Inc. She has been creating elegantly modern, contemporary homes with a flair of sophistication and richness not matched by others.


Jennifer Post’s ability to transform living environments into elegantly edited spaces has earned her a reputation amongst the country’s leading Architects and Designers, as well as a following of elite and sophisticated clientele.


As a self-described perfectionist, it is important that every Jennifer Post project is immaculately conceived, detailed,

and constructed. Post personally sketches, draws, and documents the design details of each project, and her firm provides comprehensive construction management under her constant guidance. Her study of architectural principles and her fine arts background combine for an approach that treats each home like a piece of artwork. Clear spatial organization along a primary axis is emphasized, as are balance, continuity, and clarity of form. Color and luxurious texture are used in sublime moderation along with natural light illuminating pure white walls to create an ethereal effect. Her understated elegant approach to contemporary design is classical and

timeless.   Post is passionate about her work – and about how good design can influence lifestyle, earning her repeat inclusion on Architectural Digest’s coveted “AD 100″ list of the world’s top architects and designers.  JP